Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing

drawingDrawing is more than just making marks on a page, it is a process through which we can discover the world, a way of exploring and playing. Drawing, scribbling, making marks are natural things for us to do as human beings, we’ve been doing them for millenia because they are so deeply satisfying on so many levels.

And yet we often have many hang-ups around drawing, voices in our heads that say we can’t do it – our drawings aren’t good enough – it’s self indulgent – we’ll never be ‘proper’ artists. However when we combine mindfulness with drawing, these thoughts and judgements can melt away and we reconnect with mark making as an instinctive and joyful act.

In Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing retreats and workshops, we move between periods of quiet sitting and active periods of drawing, helping you to discover an attitude of openness and noticing that turns drawing into play, a dance of movement, an act of seeing and connecting deeply with life and with ourselves.

No previous drawing or meditation experience necessary. You will be told in advance what drawing materials you need to bring with you.

You can see some photographs from Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing workshops in the Gallery.


“I enjoyed the mix of activities; combining breathing and awareness exercises with drawing. I think it really gets you tapping into all your senses, which is key to any creative activity.”   Alison

“Thanks for facilitating such a lovely workshop – thoughtful, peaceful, creative & connected activities with a good group.” Kelly





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