Mindfulness & The Art of Photography

Mindfulness & The Art of PhotographyGood photos come from being present in the moment, noticing what’s around us and entering into a dialogue with it through the lens. However it’s all too easy when there’s a camera stuck in front of our faces, to end up not seeing anything. We can end up moving restlessly from one thing to another, looking for the ‘perfect picture’, but never actually staying with something long enough to allow it to enter into us, to feel it and how it affects us.

This lack of noticing is often characteristic of the time we spend without a camera in our hand too. So much beauty, so much uniqueness is lost in this way. We might as well be behind a pane of glass, or locked in a windowless room.

In Mindfulness & The Art of Photography retreats and workshops the emphasis is on seeing rather than snapping. Moving between periods of quiet sitting and active periods of looking and taking photographs out in the world – with an open, relaxed approach you’ll discover how mindful photography can lead to a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

No previous experience of mindfulness meditation or photography is necessary, just bring a camera with you. Compacts, DSLRs or even cameras on mobile phones are all suitable for this workshop – it’s not the camera that counts, it’s the way you are seeing.

You can see some photographs from Mindfulness & The Art of Photography workshops in the Gallery.

“Thanks for a great day. I haven’t felt that inspired for a long time! And it was such fun. The photo exercises will definitely become my favourite – absolutely loved it.”  Helen



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