Mindfulness & The Art of Writing

writing3Writing isn’t just about putting words on a page, it’s an act of communication with ourselves and with the people and places we encounter in life. Often though, we can get caught up in needing to identify a form when we’re writing, is it a poem, or a story, or a play? Or if we’re not trying to put our writing in a category, we’re scanning it for imperfections.

Mindful writing helps us reconnect with the essence of the writing process, with language itself, with the leading out of words that allow us to communicate what’s in our heads, in our hearts. Mindful writing becomes the medium through which we can describe how the world touches us and how we touch it. Mindful writing may turn into a poem, a story, a play; or it may remain formless, the spilling over of consciousness and emotion into word – into sound. Pure expression.

On Mindfulness & The Art of Writing retreats and workshops we combine periods of quiet sitting with a series of peaceful, creative, writing exercises which will help you explore your inner and outer worlds.

No previous writing or meditation experience is necessary. All you need to bring with you is a notepad and a pen.

You can see some photographs from Mindfulness & The Art of Writing workshops in the Gallery.

“The retreat provided an excellent combination both of mindfulness and writing skills and Wendy was an excellent teacher of both these skills.  It was a great illustration of how it is possible to write effortlessly by applying simple principles of mindfulness. Highly recommended!” Cliff

“The content of the workshop was exactly what I hoped it would be with plenty of quiet contemplative time followed by writing exercises. The writing tasks were easy to follow and interesting. Writing the small ‘poems’ to hang on the plants was especially so and felt joyous. It was an experience I shall never forget.” Helen


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