Mindful Poetry

Daisy W by Wendy Ann GreenhalghI’ve just been visiting my family in Cornwall. A few days away made a little space in my head for writing other than the all consuming final draft of my novel. And as I sat in meditation each morning – and also sometimes in the afternoon too – short poems formed around my very vivid, direct experiences of the places I was in, the people I was with. Since my last blog was about the benefits that being present and waking to the moment can bring to our creating – I thought I’d share these little fragments with you. As you can see, mindful writing doesn’t have to contain earth-shattering philosophical meditations. The everyday and familiar are the best place to start. And if you feel inspired to practice some mindful writing too – please do share the results in the comments below or on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page.


Making daisy chains,
canticle of skylarks,
the wedged caw of rooks
and my father, turning
the pages of the newspaper.


Sitting. Trundle of
floorboards somewhere
in the house, my sister’s
morning voice and the in
and out of my breath.


Leaving early. Runs
of dew on the taxi roof.
Wind turbines winding
up the mist on the hills.
And the soft burr of sadness.

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