Mindful Colouring-In: Christmas Candle Decoration

IMG_5790This is my Happy Christmas ~ Peaceful New Year card to you all. I sat down the other night and designed this colouring-in template inspired by candles. All you have to do is colour it in – add some zentangles, if you like that kind of thing – and then cut it out and stick it together. As I drew it (by hand, not on a computer) I was filled with admiration for the incredible precision and patience of the illustrators who create colouring-in books. I am not a very precise artist, but as I drew, and later coloured, I sent you all happiness, peace and loving-kindness for the holidays. Next week’s blog contains two drawing meditations to bring more inner-peace and good-will to your Christmas time – including this drawing-good-will meditation, so watch out for that too.

Instructions below on how to make your candle decoration (it’s simple enough for little ones to join in too) and if you do end up making it, it would be lovely to see them on your tree or mantlepiece, so send me a snap! Or you can post them on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page, along with your hopes, wishes and prayers for the season.

And finally if you want some tips on how to make your colouring-in even more mindful and beneficial, then click here.

Happy Christmas to you. Happy Christmas to you. Happy Christmas, dear creative mindful folk – Happy Christmas to you!

First of all click on the image below, then right-click and Save Image As to download it. Then print out the candle template onto an A4 sheet of ordinary paper.


Mindful Colouring In Christmas Candle Decoration

Next – add zen-tangles if you want to. I added some simple patterns to the borders at the top and bottom but you can do much more than I did if you wish.



Then colour your decoration template in. I was inspired by the twisting upward shapes of flames and hot-air thermals, so I did mine in reds, oranges and pinks, but there’s a stained glass quality to this design which means it’ll work well in any colours. Feel free to fill it all up, or leave some white spaces as I did. I turned my paper over and coloured in the back of the candle flames too, so that they can be viewed from both sides. It’s easy to see the black lines to colour-in between through the paper.
When you’ve finished colouring-in, cut the template out. Make sure you don’t cut off Tabs 1 and 2, as you’ll need these to stick the candle decoration together.



Stick your candle together using the tabs and give it a little bit of a squish to get it into a nice shape. You can either put a little LED light in the centre to light it up as I did here…



Or you can stick the candle flames together with glue, put a thread through them and hang them from your tree or along your walls, which is what I’ve done with mine.



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