An #ensoaday: My month of Zen Circles and how it went global

On the first day of June, I made an enso (you can read more about that here). After a few days of loving them, I decided to make an enso a day for a whole month.  A few days after that, I invited other people to join in on social media. Since then the project’s gone global and I’ve decided to extend it for another month. (More about that here.)

But beyond all of this, it’s just been me, living, breathing, creating day to day, and discovering more and more about the magic of this ancient meditative symbol as time went by. Enso, I have discovered, are a gateway and a threshold, they are the point where the empty, luminous, awake nature of reality takes form. They are completeness and wholeness and the peace that brings. They are a point in time and space, utterly unique and utterly impermanent.

And they are unity, for everything is held in the space of an enso, nothing is left out. And in a month in which my heart’s been wrung out by the horrific hate-crime against lesbian, gay and trans-gendered people in Orlando, by Donald Trump’s divisive political campaign in the USA, and the Brexit referendum in the UK, they have also been a reminder of unity. All over the world, from New Zealand to Scotland, from the USA to Italy, people have been joining together in a spirit of creativity and mindfulness, and I can’t tell you how inspiring, supportive and joyful that has been for me.

The way I’ve drawn enso has evolved over the month. I’ve experimented with different colours; used my dominant and non-dominant hand; drawn with eyes open and closed, on an in-breath or an out-breath or both. I’ve moved from making enso with a brush, to making enso with my finger dipped in paint (very satisfying). I’ve gradually got more and interested in the durational, time based nature of this art, by how each enso represents a tiny moment in time and space. And I’ve begun to experiment with this – so my later enso have been made on strips of paper and I’ve videoed myself making some of them. If I ever figure out how to get WordPress to upload videos, I’ll put them up! I’ve also photographed enso wherever I’ve found them and have hundreds of photos too.

So thank you, one and all – and in order to spread the unity a little longer, and because – to be quite honest – I am simply loving enso so much, I’ve decided to extend the project until the end of July. If you’d like to make enso and share them, here is how to do it. In the meantime, here is my month of enso. Go well.

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