An #ensoaday: USA

Danielle Zukowski from the USA, joined the #ensoaday project in June, and she has been sharing her daily enso with many other people on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page. Here she talks about herself, and her experience of making enso. Many thanks to Danielle for generously sharing her story and images. (Copyright for these belongs to Danielle Zukowski 2016).


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        In the heat of Michigan summer on university holiday, scrolling through Tumblr, I, Danielle Zukowski, discovered the Art of Mindfulness and the enso. A google searching frenzy sparked. What is this mystical enso? The unique beauty in such a simple circle entranced me. No matter if every circle is drawn on an in breath from right to left in one black stroke, there are so many intricate differences. No two circles are the same. The raw emotional expression associated with each enso also inspired me. Each enso seemed to provide opportunity for self love through mindfulness. In the midst of uncertainty at college and the absence of my beloved job at a writing center, I was in need of a project.
        First, this monthly challenge instilled a sense of purpose within me during the dog days. Ensos also provided me a daily chance to reunite with one of my favorite sources of happiness- watercolor painting. As I continued, I felt encouraged by the supportive community that resides within this project. Often times, my art and others had a positive message attached that encouraged acceptance. The mindfulness seemed to drift off the page as well. I began looking for inspiration in nature with a desire to contain a moment in art. At first, I was very strict about my ensos. They must only be a circle drawn in one stroke. With time I granted myself creative freedom and let go of my control. With the conclusion of the month, I yearn to continue learning about happiness and mindfulness.

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