An #ensoaday: Scotland

Lynn Taylor from Scotland, joined the #ensoaday project in June, and she has been sharing her beautiful and inventive daily enso on her Instagram and Twitter as well as blogging about them on her brand new blog – Little Yogi Beam. Here she talks about herself, and her experience of making enso. Many thanks to Lynn for generously sharing her story and images. (Copyright for these belongs to Lynn Taylor 2016)

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I am Lynn from rainy Scotland! I am currently on Yoga Teacher Training and had just set up my blog with social media accounts when I came across the ensō project and it seemed to have arrived at perfect timing! Currently I am busy working on my plans to start my own little jewellery business and stepping out solo with my creative endeavours which is very daunting! however, also exciting! So participating in the ensō project sounded like a nice practice to keep me centred through the change happening within my little world!

Practicing my ensō.a day has been a reminder to me that change is constant and nothing is permanent. Has brought the awareness of letting go and being kinder to myself. I am not entirely sure how I made the practice my own, I seemed to just follow the feelings and thoughts that it sparked with awareness to the breath. I guess this enabled it to become personal and how I was reflecting through practice. I am a conceptual thinker, possibly something I need to let go of to flow a different way and get out of engagement with thinking! This may show through my ensōs Lets see how I carry on through July! It has been brilliant to see other people joining in!


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