An #ensoaday: Italy

Francesca Carboni joined the #ensoaday project in July, and she has been sharing her beautiful and meditative enso on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page. Here she talks about herself, and her experience of making enso. Many thanks to Frankie for generously sharing her story and images. (Copyright for these belongs to Francesca Perry Carboni 2016)

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My name is Frankie Carboni, I’m English, semi -retired  and living on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. I’m a bit of a scribbler and a doodler, having taken a degree in Art back in the day and for the last five years have been a practicing Buddhist. I wanted to be involved in the Enso project because I’ve become interested in the relationship between the mind and creativity – this seemed the ideal project to bring together this interest, my Buddhist practice and the creative impulse.
I’m interested in Chinese ink painting and saw a great similarity between the meditative and mindful element of that and creating these Enso in that both require complete attention, something more than concentration because it’s also physical, a coming together of all the senses. At the same time though, I felt it was most successful when I removed ‘Me’ from the process and let a connection flow between awareness, brush, hand and paper.This required a big effort not to judge the circles aesthetically, but to just let them be, perhaps one of the biggest challenges. As the month has progressed I’ve realised that making time to create the Enso has created a strong connection with making time to meditate – the two practices are complementary and interchangeable and my interest has been piqued to take this further. Thank you Wendy Ann for allowing all of this to be – deep bow to you.
Metta! Frankie ( Yeshe Pal)

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