#artforaleppo – Artists Auctioning Art Online for Syria

holdThis morning I crouched on my bedroom floor, naked, feeling vulnerable. This morning I had a pen in my hand and I drew my naked, crouching body for a mindful drawing project. This morning, bringing mindfulness to the whole experience –  I found my heart was raw, clogged with grief, and so was my body. This was because this morning I saw and heard the news about Aleppo – and my heart flipped over with the suffering of it all, it flew out the window, crossed seas, landed there, broke open.

This morning on social media I saw posts about things I could do to help the civilians of Aleppo, but they didn’t seem enough. This morning I crouched, naked, vulnerable, and I thought about the mothers crouched in that city with dead children in their arms, the families crouched trying to shelter from the bombing. This morning I thought of women crouching giving birth. This morning I thought of all the things I might do that didn’t seem enough – and I made art and I tried to show up for the grief and the helplessness I was feeling. But it still wasn’t enough.

So I decided to do this… I decided to do #artforaleppo. And I’m going to ask you to help me do it too. We’re going to do it. They say artists are dreamers, so here’s what us dreamers are going to dream up. It’s simple – we’ll use social-media to auction our art for the people of Aleppo. It doesn’t matter if there’s only 1 of us or 1,000 – because I believe that even a little bit of compassion, empathy and action can make a difference in the face of suffering.

Here’s what you can do to be part of #artforaleppo

  1. Share this post – tag it #artforaleppo
  2. Make some art and share it using #artforaleppo
  3. Auction your art to your friends and followers
  4. Donate the money you raise to one of these 9 charities supporting civilians in Syria
  5. Ask others to do the same using #artforaleppo

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional artist or a total beginner. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old or 95. If you can’t make art yourself, then share this with all your arty friends and bid on someone’s artwork in an auction. Spread the word. Share your grief, your helplessness and turn it into compassionate action.

IMPORTANT: When you do sell your artwork to the highest bidder, please write down how much you raised and which charity you gave it to and post this with the #artforaleppo hashtag – so that we can see what the compassion, empathy and actions of a few dreamers and artists can really do.

I am going to be auctioning the two drawings I made this morning of my crouching body  – you can bid for them on Instagram – @artofmindfulness OR Twitter – @_wendyann OR Facebook – Art of Mindfulness. Highest bidder on each wins. Bid what you can afford. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a little, your bid will encourage others to bid more. I’ll close the auction at 23.59 on Christmas Eve.

I’m happy to post these drawings to you anywhere in the world – all your money will go to the charity you nominate from the nine listed here.  Though if you’re very far away, I may ask you to contribute postage costs! PLEASE BID IN British Pounds. You can find a currency convertor here. Thank you.



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