Guided Meditation: Drawing Loving Kindness

Happy Valentine’s day, dear folk. As a gift to you, from my heart to yours, I’ve recorded this Drawing Loving Kindness Meditation. It’s free to download over on Soundcloud or you can listen to it below.
It took me a long time to find a way of practicing loving kindness meditation that felt right to me. Some of the traditional forms of the practice used to make me feel too up in my head and disconnected, or frustrated because the words I was silently offering – “May you be well, may you be happy,” didn’t seem to conjour up any loving kindness at all! I often ended up feeling grumpy and closed off, rather than loving and open.

Eventually I realised that my path to this meditative befriending of ourselves and others, lay through the body. As someone who is generally very up in my head, this has ever been the way to more mindfulness, peace and positivity. I started to experiment with using the breath and the sensations in the body as a way of discovering and holding an experience of gentleness, tenderness and warmth. Offering these to myself, and to others, wordlessly, focusing on sensations, and sometime using visualization, has become my loving kindness practice.

The drawing meditation in this recording uses this approach, as such it may be different from other loving kindness meditations you’ve practiced before. Please do feel free to add in words and phrases if you would like to. Or enjoy exploring the wordless, embodied experience of drawing and allowing yourself to rest in the circle of the heart, the circle of the breath, and the circle on the page.

Using the circle of the breath and the circling of the hand as it draws on the page, this 15 minute creative loving kindness meditation will allow you to connect with your body and breath with gentleness and tenderness.

You’ll feel more connected and gentle with yourself, by the time you open your heart awareness to bring to mind a loved one, resting in the feelings of warmth, opening and connection that this simple loving kindness meditation brings.

Allow your hand to move gently in whatever rhythm and at whatever speed feels right for you. You may put your pencil down at times, to help you focus more on the feeling of openness and love. Be gentle with yourself at all times, don’t force feelings that aren’t there. It may simply be enough to remember your loved one, partner, friend or even pet and enjoy the feelings that this brings.

No previous meditation or drawing experience necessary. You will need a pencil and paper.

2 thoughts on “Guided Meditation: Drawing Loving Kindness

  1. I really enjoyed this meditation. Thank you. I am focusing this year both personally and in my studio classes on Creative Self Care and Mindfulness through art. You have been a huge inspiration. I will share this on my Facebook Page, I think my readers and students will appriciate it!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it Jennifer. We ALL need to focus on Self Care and Mindfulness in our practice – fantastic to make it a year long intention. Do share your mindful drawings (such as the ones from this meditation) on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page, we’d love to see them. Go well _/|\_

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