My practice: Embodied Drawings project

Since December I’ve been developing a new mindful drawing project – called Embodied Drawings. Each day I draw myself whilst looking in the mirror after I’ve been meditating. I’m using blind-contour drawing – looking at my body, not at the page as I draw. This is one of my favourite ways to draw, as it helps me to let go and take risks. I also love it because you can get strange and unpredictable results and the body can become quite distorted. I’m interested in these distortions and how they occur, and I’m playing around with body language and posture in this project too, exploring what they can also convey of what’s going on within my body-mind.

Once I’ve drawn my body, then I add an abstract painting (often later in the day in a quiet moment). Each day the colours and marks uniquely express the experience I’ve had whilst I’m meditating – they’re part of a visual reflection and journaling. The final part of the creative process is writing about what occurred during my meditation practice, sharing and reflecting on what I experienced.

Here’s a video of some of my drawings – I’m posting them every day on Instagram and Facebook, so if you’d like to see more, do come and find me there.


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