Mindful Drawing Month in April (or any time you want!)


Over on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page – people have been posting the mindful drawings they’ve made in response to the guided meditations I share – and we’ve all recently decided that more mindful drawing and more sharing of our creative mindfulness practice would be a very good thing.

So April 2017 is officially – MINDFUL DRAWING MONTH. And I do hope you’ll join us. The idea is very simple. Here it is in 4 easy steps:

  1. Every day in April do some mindful drawing. You can use the 2 guided meditations – Drawing With The Breath – and – Drawing Loving Kindness – that are up on my Soundcloud. These are free to download so you can keep them wherever is most handy. (I’ve also posted them below). Drawing With The Breath is also available FREE on the Insight Timer meditation App, and the Drawing Loving Kindness meditation should be up there soon too.
  2. Use this month to develop the habit of daily mindfulness and creativity. If you need extra help and more inspiration, then there are lots more mindful drawing exercises in the Mindfulness & The Art of Drawing book. You can use the recorded guided meditations to ease you into these exercises which are themed around subjects like Landscapes, Portraiture and Self-Portraiture and Still Life.
  3. Share your mindful drawings with the rest of the Art of Mindfulness community. It’s so much easier practicing when others are too! So please do encourage us all by posting a photo of your mindful drawing on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #stoplookbreathecreate – so we can find them. You can also post on the Art of Mindfulness Facebook page.
  4. Encourage your friends to join in too. Let’s see if we can spread the word about the many benefits and pleasures of daily creative mindfulness.



4 thoughts on “Mindful Drawing Month in April (or any time you want!)

  1. Dear Ann,
    There’s two things I love in life – midnfulness and drawing. I study art and consider becoming mindfulness teacher. I was so pleased to discover that someone combined the two together!
    Drawing in general is a meditative practice for me. Every time there is a nude drawing session at school I am gone for a few hours. There is just me and the pencil and whomever I study to draw. I am immeresed in it. Some people find it easy to meditate while focused on their body. The breath. For me art is such practice.
    Great meditations, I even included a mindful drawing meditation outcome in one of my school projects.
    Following your steps now, looking forward to your upcoming June course and reading the new book.
    Keep it up and good luck,

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