About Wendy Ann

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh Image © Shakeel Ansari

I’ve been a practising artist and writer for twenty years and have worked professionally as an illustrator, photographer, performance artist, filmmaker, author and poet. During this time my fiction and poetry have been published in print, online and in anthologies & my stories performed on stage. My art performances, photographs, films, site-specific texts and installations have been exhibited in the UK and Holland. I have a BA (1st Class Hons) in Fine Art and an MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing.

I first began meditating in yoga class when I was a teenager and soon discovered mindfulness meditation – at which point I decided I’d come home. You could say that mindfulness practice and creative practice have been the two loves of my life, mindfulness teaching me more about creativity, creativity teaching me more about mindfulness. I went away and studied art and writing, I went on retreats and lived in a dharma community. Then I became a teacher – and I brought mindfulness to this practice too.

As an arts educator and creative writing teacher I work with adults, children and families, providing workshops and courses in in schools, colleges, adult education centres and art galleries. I’ve worked with arts and culture organisations all over the UK. I first taught mindfulness and meditation in 2003 as an ESOL teacher, working with refugees and asylum seekers. In 2010 I founded Art of Mindfulness to facilitate workshops in meditation and mindfulness based creativity. Since then I have run many workshops, courses and creative mindfulness nature walks and continue to teach my popular classes with Evolution Arts in Brighton and The Mindfulness Project in London.

I blog about creativity and mindfulness here on Art of Mindfulness and also with Elephant Journal. I share my own mindful creative practice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #stoplookbreathecreate hashtag. My first book on creative mindfulness, Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing: A creative path to awareness, was published in 2015 by Leaping Hare Press. My second, Stop Look Breathe Create: Four Easy Steps to Mindfulness Through Creativity, is published with Ilex Press in June 2017.

And here’s a gallery of some of my recent art, writing and photography.

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