Mindfulness For Writers – 6 Week Course

hand-of-buddha-862412-mMindfulness For Writers

A 6 week meditation course for people who write

2016 Dates to be announced…

Are you interested in learning about mindfulness and meditation? Do you write – and do you want to learn more about yourself as a writer? Or perhaps you’re already practicing mindfulness but would like to use it to explore your writing practice? Then this is the course for you.

Mindfulness and writing are two creative, flowing activities that share many of the same characteristics. Both require a mind that’s focused, fluid and flexible and need commitment and creativity. As such, you could say, writers are naturally talented mindfulness practioners and meditators. Which is the good news.

And yet writers also have strong inclinations that impede mindfulness. That creative and enquiring mind that jumps around, gathering new ideas for a story or article, is the same mind that keeps whirring away out of control when you want to go to sleep. The sensitive and perceptive mind that picks up nuances of ideas, environment, character or relationship can end up dwelling and worrying. And the imaginative mind can get pulled into fantasy or get so caught up with what’s in the head, that it loses touch with the world beyond.

As a professional writer who has been practicing mindfulness for nearly two decades, I’m familiar with both the joys and challenges of possessing a writing mind. I have observed my mind and its tendencies for many years, and have witnessed the same patterns in the hundreds of writers I have taught and mentored. As a teacher of mindfulness and creativity I have facilitated activities in drawing, painting, collage and photography as well as writing and continue to do so. But I really did feel it was time for a course designed specifically for writers like you and me.

Why attend a mindfulness course specifically for writers?

This course is designed and facilitated by a writer, for writers and will teach you the basis of mindfulness practice in a way that regular courses won’t. It will introduce you to mindfulness meditation whilst allowing you to focus on exploring and understanding your creative mind and your writing practice. It is intended to help you make your experience as a writer more fun, less stressful, more creative and more sustainable.

Mindfulness practice can help you become more productive; more focused; overcome doubts and blocks to creativity; bring greater clarity to ideas; help you ride the surges of inspiration and activity and navigate the stresses of deadlines, rejections, publications. It is a tool for life, not just writing – so if writing is a part of your life, then this is definitely the course for you.

What will I do on the course?

The course has two main aims, which will be developed through six sessions:

  • To learn key mindfulness meditation techniques
  • To explore and address some of the specific challenges to mindfulness that being a writer can bring and celebrate and further develop your strengths

Each two hour session will be a combination of practical meditation training, discussion, creative coaching and self-reflection. We will use an action-learning model for sharing our writing and meditation experiences. All of this will take place in a supportive, friendly group with an experienced facilitator.

£75/£68 Concs – With an Early Bird discount of £70 for those booking before May 18th 2014

For more information about this course, including what you’ll be doing week by week, or to book a place, click here.

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