Mindful Creativity – 5 Week Course

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Mindfulness & The Art of Creativity @ Evolution Arts

5 Tuesdays starting 14th Feb – 14th March 2017 4.30-6.30pm

This playful course uses different creative activities each week: writing, drawing, collage, photography and clay – to help you connect with and build your trust in the inherently creative impulse within you. Bringing mindfulness to our creative lives enables us to enjoy the process rather than focus on results, and helps us move beyond inner-criticism, perfectionism or self-doubt . No previous experience of mindfulness meditation, art or writing necessary.

Bookings with Evolution Arts£60.00 / £50.00 (concessions or Busy Bee)

“I’d been creatively blocked for so long and I really wanted to do something about it but I didn’t think about using my mindfulness with this creative block. This feels like it’s given me a little opening which I can take home. Quite profound. I was very happy to have had this opportunity to break through this block!!! Thank you Wendy Ann.” Kelly

“The mindfulness meditation and variety of different activities, in particular clay and drawing, opened different ways of seeing and inspiration. It inspired me to go home and just play, and filtered over to daily tasks. Just to stop and see, this was my first introduction to mindfulness and I want to explore it further. It was freeing to do something without focusing on the outcome but the process and I found it liberating and really enjoyable, a major break through for me.” Shiel

“Wendy Ann is a wonderful teacher, immediately putting us at ease. The course helped me reconnect with myself, to drop the internal critic and just be – not to worry about whether it was good enough or what other people thought, just to drop all the anxiety and do without judgement. Throughout the course I have been able to increase my mindfulness, meditation practice and creativity, now incorporated as part of me, every day. Thank you.” Zoe

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